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The Destroyed Military Convoys are two Unlisted Military locations on the Washington map.



There are two convoys on the map. One can be found east of Seattle, near Camano Campground. The second can be found at the crossroads between Arlington Farm and Kent Raceway.


Various Military loot spawns in and around the wrecked vehicles, commonly Military Knives, Smokes, more rarely Military-Grade firearms, ammunition, and attachments.


The convoy near Camano Campground consists of two Jeeps, two Humvees, one Ural, and one APC. The Kent Raceway convoy consists of two Jeeps, one Humvee, and one Ural. All vehicles in the convoys have missing parts, usually doors or roofs, and some have sunk partly into the ground.


The APC contains an encoded note from Area 51 to Olympia Military Base.