Dima's Notes is a note found outside the Keryev mine in Russia. It describes the interaction between a quarry worker and an anonymous person who wants to buy some piece of 'junk' found by said worker or the people he was in charge of.


Dima's Notes

Within a few hours of listing it an e-mail came in from an anonymous buyer offering way more than its worth! Said they're a collector of "artifacts" like that and to let them know directly if we find any more. Selling that piece of junk made more than this entire dig will and corporate doesn't need to know anything about it! The truck which picked it up was blank except for the license plate "SCRP-7B", aside from that I still have no idea who it was.



  • Being anonymous, it is unknown who the buyer is. However, it is likely a Scorpion-7 member as the truck's license plate said "SCRP-7B", which likely stands for 'Scorpion-7 B'.
  • The time between listing and the buyer's first and only offer is very short, implying that the buyer was determined to get this item as soon as possible after confirming it was what they were looking for.
  • Dima is satisfied with the buy offer, as the item is a piece of 'junk' and he is receiving much more money than anyone else would offer.
  • It seems to imply that the company owning the mining site was not notified of the transactions, making this transaction illegal.
  • The object in question is now known to most likely be the "Soulcrystal".