The Diner is a building in Unturned that spawns various food items, melee weapons and clothing.


The Diner consists of 3 rooms:

  • The Entrance Room, a small, empty room that protrudes from the front of the building.
  • The Main Room, a much larger room filled with tables, chairs and stools
  • The Kitchen, a room at the back of the building with 3 ovens, 4 cabinets, a sink and a fridge.


The Diner can in various towns and cities across PEI, Washington and Russia.

Towns and cities that don't have a Diner will always have one of the several other food-spawning buildings. For example, where there's the absence of a Diner in Everett, one can still find a Grocer, a Cafe and Pizza Shop.

Items found in the Diner

Item Item Rarity
Canned Cola Common
Canned Tuna Common
Canned Ham Common
Canned Pasta Common
Orange Juice Common
Bottled Water Common
Chips Common
Tomato Common
Corn Common
Carrot Common
Chocolate Bar Common
Candy Bar Common
Granola Bar Common
Energy Drink Common
Chef Hat Common
Chef Top Common
Chef Bottom Common
Kitchen Knife Common
Butcher Knife Common


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