ID 124
Seats 5
Trunk 15 Storage (5x3)
Forward 67.5 kph
Backward 18 kph
Brake N/A
File Name Zodiak
Special Engine Boat
Explosion 20
Exit 3

The Dinghy is an Epic Boat in Unturned 3. It can carry 5 players at once.

Acquirement: Edit

Germany: The Dingy can spawn near Rappbode Dam.

Greece: The Dinghy can spawn at Kamena Vourla Beach.

Hawaii: The Dinghy can spawn at various locations along the coast.

Russia: The Dinghy spawns at the Beach Camp.

Trivia: Edit

  • In the Unturned files it is called the "Zodiak".
  • This is probably a replica of the real life Zodiac Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat (RHIB) used by many NATO special operations units, and the USMC, US army, and US Coast Guard.
  • However, unlike the military zodiac it lacks a .50 cal machine gun or SAM missile launcher mounted in the bow. This means it is likely a civilian variant.
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