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Dot Sight
Red Dot Sight
File Red_Dot_Sight
ID 146
Rarity Uncommon
Type Sight Attachment
Slots 2 Slots (2x1)



The Dot Sight is a sight attachment that takes up 2 slots in the inventory.


The Dot Sight can be found in Military locations.


The Dot Sight, when attached to a weapon, replaces the sights to a curved, rail mounted sight with a single red dot in the center.


The Dot Sight is a sight with an oval shape and a red dot in the center pointing at the place where the fired bullet will land (If the gun is accurate at that range). While the default color is red, changing the color of critical hitmarkers will also change the color of the dot.



  • The reticle itself is only a small dot in the center of the sight, not obstructing the view.


  • The Dot Sight has no magnification, making it ineffective for long ranged combat.


Version Changes Added to the game. Changed appearance.


  • It is most likely based off the Trijicon Reflex Sight.
  • It works well with LMGs, Assault Rifles and other close-medium range weapons.


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