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EVICTION NOTICE is a note found on the front of the blue, run-down house at the south edge of Alberton. It is an eviction notice of Dr. Behan who has been expelled from his household since he didn't pay his rent.


2015-12-18 00001

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Date: January 2nd

Tenant: Dr. Behan

Tenants and members of the household will have thirty days to vacate the premises or will face fines and/or jail time.


  • The title, 'EVICTION NOTICE', means that the person (Dr. Behan) is being forcefully moved or "evicted" from his household for (usually) not paying rent on time.
  • The notice was written in January the 2nd. It is likely the reason why he moved to Yukon as his log was made in February.
  • The rest of the note is basically information and consequences of the eviction.

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