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Electric Fence
Type Trap



The Electric Fence is an electrified fence which emits yellow, diamond-shaped sparks when powered by a generator. It shares its appearance with the Barbed Fence, with the poles at the sides being gray instead of brown. In order to power an electric fence, you need to have a Generator placed within its range. Like the wire fence, the electric fence is able to kill a player/zombie in one hit. It has 2400hp.




  • The electric current from one fence does not pass over to that of another.
  • The Electric Fence is still not lethal when unpowered, but has the same range as the Barbed Fence. Powering the Electric Fence gives it increased range; larger than the Barbed Fence.
  • Landing on an electric fence after getting out of a vehicle does not instantly kill you, but walking along it does.

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