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Fancy Suit

Fancy Suit

Fancy Suit icon from inventory

Item Type:

Clothing (Exclusive)







Examine Text:

"Infinity karat Gold fabric. Too much mass to drop."

The Fancy Suit is an article of clothing Gold members used spawn with along with the Fancy Jeans and Shades on gold servers. The suit cannot be dropped and is only obtainable by Gold members.


  • The fancy suit was discountinued and replaced with the tuxedo bottom and top  after the 3.0 update as the Gold member-exclusive clothing top, alongside other optional articles of clothing.
  • Because it's a gold member only item, it vanishes when dropped or stored.
  • The item is colored gold, and is described as "gold fabric of infinity karat." This symbolizes that the wearer has Gold membership.
  • "Too much mass to drop" is Nelson's joke explanation of why it cannot be dropped, its actual weight is only .2kg.

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