Festive Gift Present
Mystery Box 5
ID ID Number
Rarity Box
Type Box
Slots 1 Slots (1x1)
Special Pro
Festive Gift Present
Mystery Box 5
Generate Generate
Destroy Destroy
Drops Drops



The Festive Gift Present is an Unlisted Rarity Present in Unturned 3. It contains cosmetics themed around the festive season. It does not require a Key to open.


The Festive Gift Present can be purchased from the Community Market. During the yearly Festive Event, it is alternatively available as a random playtime drop.


Opening this will reward The Player with one of the following:

  • Ornamental Augewehr
  • Ornamental Matamorez
  • Candycane Compound Bow
  • Candycane Rocket Launcher
  • Ornamental Dragonfang
  • Ornamental Chainsaw
  • Candycane Shadowstalker
  • Candycane Baseball Bat
  • Snowman Bottom
  • Snowman Top
  • Elf Top
  • Festive Bottom
  • Festive Top
  • Holiday Sweater
  • Holiday Scarf
  • Reindeer Nose
  • Carrot Nose
  • Snowman Hat
  • Elf Hat
  • Festive Hat
  • Insanely Rare Holiday Spirit Item
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