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➜ The crafting interface can be a bit confusing at first, but there's a lot of potential with it. Today, I will show you how to make yourself a simple home to keep yourself safe and the zombies away. This home can always be added upon when you have the materials, so you never have to worry about recreating a new one every time. I'd recommend playing Unturned in windowed mode next to the video and follow along. :)

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➜ Outro Song: Tilt Shift - Sky City

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➜ EVERY outro contains a unique Dubstep song. Sometimes it's hard to find a great song for the outro, If you have any suggestions, YouTube PM me! If it's used in a video, I'll credit you in the description! :)

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➜ MeLikeBigBoom, Entertaining viewers with game plays, tricks, strategies, news, and lets-plays, every other week. This is a gaming channel (Obviously) generally centric about the Xbox and the games affiliated with it. The best part is that this channel has no game in specific (FPS, Adventure, Free-World, RPG etc.) When possible, I am hoping to do unboxings for consoles and special edition games, expect those later this Holiday Season. I try to keep recording at it's maximum at all times, big events (Console/Game/DLC Releases) will hopefully have many videos on one day. Expect great videos coming soon, and make sure you subscribe to know when they are uploaded.

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