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Fire Axe
Axe Fire 104
File Axe_Fire_104
ID 104
Rarity Common
Type Melee Weapon
Slots 6 Slots (2x3)



The Fire Axe is a Common Melee Weapon Unturned. It has a slow swing speed, long reach, can cause bleeding, and takes up 6 slots (2x3) in the Inventory.


The Fire Axe can be found in Fire Stations and as a rare drop from firefighter Zombie.


As well as being an effective melee weapon, it is very efficient at chopping down trees. The Fire Axe's power attack consumes 10 Stamina and inflicts 1.5 times as much damage as a regular attack.



  • The Fire Axe has a good reach, making it much safer to use than most other early melee weapons.
  • It can be found in any loot spawn location within a Fire Station.
  • Since it is a tool and inflicts a large amount of damage, it can be a great weapon for many players.
  • It deals slightly higher damage to zombies and players than the Camp Axe.


  • Its slow attack speed makes it less effective at dealing with groups quickly.
  • It does less structure and resource damage than the Camp Axe.


Version Changes
Pre-Steam The Fire Axe has been added to the game. Appearance changed.

Damage has been decreased from 75% to 45%
  • Added damage against objects, set at 35.


  • From Classic to Unturned, the Fire Axe's appearance slightly degraded, as now the entire axe head is red, instead of having a gray tip.
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