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ID 34
Seats 2
Forward 65.25 kph/?? mph
Backward 27 kph
Brake 32
File Name Firetruck
Special Traction
Explosion 20

The Fire Truck is a rare civil-service vehicle found in fire stations. On PEI, the Fire Truck can also be found by the hangars at the Belfast Airport.


The Fire Truck appears to be a six-wheeled vehicle with a long, red body. Metal shutters are also seen on the rear and one of the side, along with a metal ladder on top. The emergency lights are also shown on top of the vehicle, which can be turned on or off.



  • It has a huge fuel tank
  • Its width makes ramming players, zombies or vehicles easier.
  • It is quite fast for a large vehicle, its top speed ranges from 59 to 63kph.


  • Despite its large size, the Fire truck is a very ineffective group transport, as it only has two seats, the driver and passenger's seat.
  • It is very uncommon, and is only found in fire stations.
  • The front window is quite big without any cover, making the driver and front seat passenger vulnerable to gunfire.
  • Its size makes it hard to avoid obstacles while driving.


  • The Fire truck is the longest vehicle in the game.
    • It also has the most fuel units for an emergency vehicle.
    • Can survive a Shadowstalker shot.


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