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Food stores are stores which mostly contain hunger and hydration items, and are located in Charlottetown, Alberton and Burywood. Food stores can contain a variety of foods and beverages. 

Types of Food:

Food Name Rarity
Canned Pasta Uncommon
Canned Tuna Uncommon
Canned Soup Uncommon
Chocolate Bars Common
Granola Bars Common
Potato Chips Common
Canned Beans Uncommon
Canned Chili Uncommon
Moldy Carrots Common
Moldy Tomatoes Common
Moldy Potatoes Common
Moldy Cabbage Common
Moldy Corn Common
Raw Bacon Uncommon
Raw Venison Uncommon
Moldy Bottled Water Common
Moldy Orange Juice Common
Moldy Milk Common
Bottled Water Uncommon
Energy Drink Uncommon
Canned Ham Uncommon
Bran Cereal Rare

There are five types of food stores currently known in Unturned;

  1. The Pizzeria
  2. The Cafe
  3. The Food Store
  4. The Gas Station
  5. The Butcher Shop


The Pizzeria place and Cafe can be found in Alberton, right across each other at the end of the main street.

The Food store can be found in Charlottetown between the Pharmacy and the Mechanic shop.

The Gas station is located in the back of Charlottetown, and next to the meat shop in Burywood.

The Butcher shop is located in Burywood on the middle right side, if facing from the front.