Fresh Carrot

Fresh Carrot
It's a carrot.
Item ID: 329
Item Type: Edibles (Food)
Hunger Reduction -20%
Equippable? Yes
Stackable? Yes
Weight: 0.05kg/0.11lbs
Examine Text: "Juicy and fresh carrot picked recently."       

A Fresh Carrot is a food item that can be harvested from food crops through the process of Farming. When consumed, one drains hunger by 20%. Crafting fresh carrots in a player's inventory yields two carrot seeds. Since carrots are renewable food items, they can be used for long-term survival. It is impossible to find this variant of carrot outside of farming, as the only type you can find naturally is a Moldy Carrot, which can be crafted into 1 Carrot Seed, allowing the player to start a farm.

Food Perks/Restrictions

Due to carrots having a light weight, traveling with them is efficient.


Being a root crop, the orange part of a carrot is actually the roots of the vegetable. The green vegetation on top is the actual plant.


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