Gas Station

2014-07-27 00001

Burywood Gas Station

Location: Charlottetown and Burywood
Size: Small
Special: Spawns construction items, has a fuel tank/pump.

The Gas Station is a building located in most towns and cities, which mostly spawn Gas Cans, Flares, Car Jacks, varied crafting items, varied melee weapons, and a small but varied amount of food. One can also find Gas Pumps that can refill Gas Cans.

Locations with Gas Stations

There are currently 5 locations with Gas Stations in the Canada Map.


Gas Stations in each town have a building, a fuel tank, and two Gas Pumps. These places are popular visits for players due to the fact that it has fuel pumps/tanks which refill Gas Cans that can refill vehicles.

Inside contains construction items such as crafting ingredients. Two cabinets can be found spawning food items.

Items found in the Gas Station

Item Rarity
Gas Can Common
Canned Cola Common
Duct Tape Common
Car Jack Uncommon
Flashlight Uncommon
Sledgehammer Uncommon
Road Flare Unknown
Blowtorch Unknown
Mechanic Top Unknown
Mechanic Bottom Unknown
Stealy Wheely Automobiley Unknown
Chemicals Unknown


  • The Gas Station was first added in the 1st beta release.
  • Nelson uploaded a screenshot of the new design of a gas station. The company running the station is called "Big J Eco Fuel", a reference to a person whom Nelson knew.