General Boris' Diary is a note found at Silo 22.


General Boris' Diary


Orders have come from the highest level to launch the warhead... at Moscow. They say that the city is being stormed by a dangerous virus, and that sacrificing it will save our country. I signed up to protect our motherland, not destroy it! I'm burning the message and cutting communications in the hopes that cooler heads will prevail and seek a cure rather than wiping out those poor souls. Should they try to attack and force a launch I'm afraid I'll have no option but to sabotage the missile.


  • The highest level authorities have ordered to launch the warhead at Moscow in the hope to save the rest of the country (seen that Moscow was the source of the infection in Russia).
  • At the end it seems that the General had no choice but to sabotage the launch causing a radiation leak and infecting the entire region near Silo 22.
  • General Boris could possibly be the Mega Zombie who appears in silo 22, since it's believed that the megas are infected generals.