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General Roman's Diary is a note found in Russia. It is found on the top floor in a tent on the Oil Rig.


General Roman's Diary

It's been a flurry of activity the past few days so I haven't had the chance to write an entry - Russia has joined the Coalition, and I've been assigned to set up a forward operating base. After surveying the coastline we picked a relatively accessible oil rig to secure and begin helping survivors. Scouts are reporting that a large region north of Moscow is completely irradiated, so we'll need to be careful of the fallout. Reinforcements are already on their way to help us take a headquarters on the mainland, and several nuclear submarines in the area an rendezvousing with us here.


  • Russia has united with a group called the Coalition, which is likely a militia group originated from the western countries.
  • The forward operating base/oil rig mentioned is the exact place the note is found.
  • The irradiated area is referring to the deadzone found around Silo 22 in the north of the map.
  • Because reinforcements and submarines are used in the evacuation, it is likely implying that Russia is too late to be saved and people are forced to move out.


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