Map Satellite Germany 1
Mode Survival: Official
Size Large (4096×4096 m2)



Germany is an official survival map in Unturned 3 released on July 7, 2017. The environment is based on Germany, with a large focus on vertical terrain.


  • The map was originally referred to as "Peaks" and "Peaks2" during the development cycle.
  • Cologne became a Deadzone Node after a shuttle launch failure resulted in the craft crash landing in the area. A more powerful secondary explosion occurred because of the extremely radioactive material it was carrying.
  • Despite the DEFCON alert state being used only by the United States Armed Forces, it can be seen at the Aerospace Defense Complex.
  • Many locations are based on a real location in Germany, or a German word.
    • "Ostsee" is the German name for the "East Sea," also known as the Baltic Sea.
    • "Fernweh" is German for "wanderlust."
    • "Schwarzwald" is German for "black forest."
    • The Limestone Quarry might be a reference to Germany's Solnhofen limestone rock formations, which are sedimentary deposits that exhibit fossils with extraordinary preservation.
    • Zugspitze Peak is based on Zugspitze: the highest mountain in Germany, and the highest peak of the Wetterstein mountains.
    • Camp Dusseldorf is based on the German city of Düsseldorf. It is the capital city of the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia.
    • Camp Stuttgart is based on the capital city of the German state of Baden-Württemberg: Stuttgart.
    • Svalbard Seedbank is based on the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, which is actually located on the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard.
    • Moritz's Farm is based on Moritz, Germany, a village and a former municipality that is now part of the town Zerbst.
    • An exception to this is Mawby's Farm, which is a reference to Sven Mawby. Sven Mawby is the core developer of RocketMod.
  • The in-game description for Germany calls it a "Mountainous country North of Canada" but Germany is not directly to the north of, or even near, Canada.
    • The description continues a running gag with all survival map descriptions, comparing map locations to Canada.
  • There is an unmarked campground south of Cologne with a sign that has "Bielefeld" written on it, which is a reference to Bielefeld conspiracies.
  • The map was originally considered to be based on locations like Alberta, California, Colorado, or the Canada–United States border.
    • The decision for it to be based on Germany led to unique vehicles, new road textures, breweries instead of vineyards, Neuschwanstein, Oktoberfest, and a reference to Bielefeld conspiracies.
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There are nineteen location nodes on the map.

Map Nodes: Aerospace Defense ComplexBerlinFernweh PrisonLimestone QuarryOstsee CompoundSchwarzwald Military Base

Map Nodes:

Aerospace Defense Complex:

The Aerospace Defense Complex is a large military installation located in the far northwest. There is a large space shuttle, and a hangar that can spawn Fighter Jets.

The complex is comprised of four levels. DEFCON signs can be seen across multiple walls of the complex. The "1" is lit up on all of them.

The ground floor begins outside as a parking area and a large barracks, which is entirely fenced off except for the entrance. The main entrance into the facility has a blast door. Inside is a storage area containing a large amount of crates. A blast door divides this area into two sections, and at the back of ground floor is the shuttle launch chamber. There is also a nonfunctional elevator on the ground floor.

A Mega Zombie can spawn in the shuttle launch chamber. There is also a Gas Tank.

The next floor has a vehicle bay, and a large hangar. The hangar's control room, dormitories, armories, dining area, and shuttle launch monitoring room are located on the remaining two floors. A log describing the status of the shuttle's systems can be found in the shuttle launch monitoring room.


Berlin is the largest city in Unturned 3, and the main city of Germany. It is located at the center of the map.

A large overrun Coalition stronghold is located within the city. There is a sewer system that leads into the stronghold.

The location plays a part in Secrets of Neuschwanstein.

Fernweh Prison:

Fernweh Prison is a large multi-story prison complex with a courtyard. It is northeast Berlin, and reachable by following the road heading west out of Cologne.

The prison complex is fully enclosed with large metal fences. An entrance sits on the east side, with a security booth and boom barrier preceding the main gate. A German flag is nearby.

At each corner of the fencing there is a guard tower. Searchlights are on the roofs of the guard towers, but are nonfunctional.

To the side of Fernweh Prison building is visitor parking. Immediately upon entering the building you are in the visiting room. There is a check-in counter in the corner of the room. Behind the counter is the living quarters of guards, and an access ladder to the eastern lower roof section of the prison complex. The west wall of the complex has another ladder, which can be used to read the the west lower roof portion. The upper roof sections can be reached via ladders on both sides of the lower roof sections.

An opened prison door separates the visiting area from the east corridor. Heading south down the corridor leads to Cell Block A, while heading north down the corridor heads to Cell Block B.

Both cell blocks are two-stories with numerous cells. Only a portion of the cells can be entered. Continuing through either of the cell blocks will lead to the western corridor. A table is flipped over on each side of the corridor, with cases behind them.

A courtyard can be reached from both of the corridors, but one of the entrances from the eastern corridor is blocked with a table. The courtyard has two basketball hoops, light rubble, and unmoved tables. There are four entrances, two from each corridor.

A cafeteria is connected to the west corridor, which features several more unmoved tables, a larger blockade, and a kitchen that is operated by the prisoners. The blockade has another flipped table, more cases, and stacked crates.

Peaks_Police_Low_Peaks spawn-group loot can be found throughout many areas of the complex. Peaks_Police_High_Peaks spawn-group loot can also be acquired but is more scarce.

Limestone Quarry:

The Limestone Quarry is located in the far north. It is a massive quarry featuring many dramatic limestone outcrops and massive limestone slopes.

Mining facilities can be found at the bottom of the Limestone Quarry.

Wooden scaffolding populates the area across many of the massive limestone outcroppings. Long conveyor belts can be found in the centralized area, near an outdoor warehouse. At the northeastern corner of the Limestone Quarry is an industrial factory.

Mawby's Farm:

Mawby's Farm is a farm located near the southwest corner of the map, east of Rappbode Dam.

Eight farm plots are located in the center of the farm, surrounding a Water Well. Two greenhouses are situated on the side closest to the start of the driveway, and contain various berries.

Following the driveway first leads to a granary with three silos. A Quad can spawn on the opposite side from the silos. An outdoor wine cellar is next along the driveway, immediately before the farmhouse itself.

Ostsee Compound:

Ostsee Compound is located in the far northeast. It is a small military compound.

It features two small barracks, one large barracks, twelve shipping containers, a helipad, a firing range, and a vehicle bay with fuel tanks.

Schwarzwald Military Base:

The Schwarzwald Military Base is a large military base. It is the main military area in Germany.

The entrance has two gates, which can be powered by a Generator. There are also two watchtowers.

The interior includes three barracks, two helicopter pads, two armories, a supply warehouse, a kitchen, a mechanic bay with two Gas Tanks, two large aircraft hangars and a small aircraft hangar, and a space shuttle. At the back wall part of the HESCO barrier is destroyed.

The Hummingbird, Attack Heli, Transport Heli, Annushka, APC, Toiler, Ural, Military Offroader, and Tank can spawn here.