Groups are a game mechanic in Unturned 3. Being a part of a Group with other Players provides a few cooperative perks.

The benefits of being in a Group include being able to see other members on a Map, their public name appears as floating text when at a certain distance away, no friendly-fire on other members, and shared building ownership.

Groups can be created through Matchmaking, in-game from the Information Menu, or via using a Steam Group.

Groups can be a valuable asset in Unturned, especially when in large multiplayer servers. Below is a tutorial on how to start, join, and maintain groups.

Steam Groups

Creating a Steam Group

  • Click on the big text showing your username in the main Steam menu.

    The Group GUI

  • Click "Groups" in the box on the right of the screen.
  • Click the blue "Create a new group".
  • Enter are all the required fields for your group.
  • Invite trusted users to your group.

Configuration in Unturned

You can configure some things in Unturned for your group. First you must open Unturned, go to the character screen, and click on the Group tab. From there, you can select which group you would like to use for Unturned and assign a nickname to yourself.


When many people are in a group, it makes teamwork much more efficient and streamlined. Players that are apart of the same group can see other's usernames from a farther distance, and also see the nickname of the player for easier recognition. The group leader can assign different nicknames to people for quicker communication and for on-the-fly exchange during dangerous encounters. It also prevents friendly fire among group members, however they can still be harmed from another group member through placeable traps or explosives.