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Gun Store

The Gun Store in Stratford.

Location: Stratford
Size: Small
Unique Features: Spawns firearms.

The Guns Store is a building located near the southern entrance of Stratford. The Guns Store features civilian grade firearms and ammunition.

Building Aspects

  • Has a large counter that divides the building into two sections.
  • Has an open gun case and cash register on the counter.
  • Has a pallet and two targets leaning against the interior side walls.
  • There are 3 closed gun cabinets, one open cabinet, and a closed gun case leaning against a cabinet.
  • There is a chain link fence providing extra security to the front window, though it has been broken through.
Gunstore inside

The interior of the gun store.

Items found in the Guns Store

Items Rarity




Ace Rare
Sportshot Rare
Civilian Ammunition Box Uncommon
Colt Magazine Common
Ace Clip Common
Sportshot Magazine Common


Gun Store


The gun store at Burywood.

Location: Burywood
Size: Small
Unique Features: Spawns firearms.

The Gun Store is a structure located in some towns. The Gun Store features militia grade loot such as the Mosen, Civilian Bullets, and Nails.

Structure Aspects

  • Features a miniature gun range with a pair of targets on the wall.
  • Has a small chess table on the counter.
  • There is a what looks like a bandit barrier that would block the front window when pulled down. However, it is a static object and therefore cannot be interacted with.

Items found in the Gun Store

Items Rarity
Civilian Bullets Common
Chemlight Common
Crafting Materials (e.g. Board) Common - Uncommon
Yuri Magazine Rare
Schofield Uncommon
Uzy Rare
Savage Magazine Rare
Matamorez Magazine Epic
Zubeknakov Epic
Matamorez Legendary
Savage Drum Epic
Ninja Suit Rare


  • The Gun Store was added with the 2.1.4 patch.
  • The Gun Store has a chance to spawn any of the four rare militia-grade firearms:(Mosen, Matamorez, Uzy, and Zubeknakov).
  • The chess table was added by Nelson to make the gun store "friendlier" because PEI is located in Canada.
  • The target dummies are similar to the ones found in O'Leary Military Base.
  • The Gun Store is the only civilian store which is classified a militia Location.
  • Nelson added it because a lot of people suggested it while he was streaming.