Effect type: Visual/Auditory
Source: Berries and Glue
Duration: 2 minutes
Effects: Screen tilting, false coloring, minor blurring, sounds
Treatments: Waiting

Going third-person

Hallucination is a status effect in Unturned.

Causes and effect

Hallucination can only be received by eating bad berries and by consuming Glue. All different hallucinations are listed below.

  • Blurry - Blurs entire screen.
  • Focused - Player focuses in on the middle of the screen, useful for snipers.
  • Glow - Puts a white glow around the edges of the screen and objects.
  • Contrast - Changes contrast of objects, terrain and the sky.
  • Tinted - Tints the whole screen a different color.
  • Blackout - Puts a black glow around the screen, hinting the player is about to pass out.
  • Stretched - Stretches out the camera
  • Double - Causes many images of the same object to display.
  • Reverse - Causes reverse control.

Sometimes two hallucinations are activated at the same time, and these are:

  • Glow + Blackout
  • Glow + Blurry
  • Contrast + Tinted
  • Contrast + Stretched
  • Double + Tinted


  • Half of the berries causes hallucination, making it hard for inexperienced players to choose which berry is safe to eat.
  • Various sounds can be heard while hallucinating.
  • Hallucinogenic berries have a random change of inverting some controls (W, A, S, D, LMB, RMB) and may cause echoed sounds including voice chat.
  • Berries have no visual effect in third-person mode.
  • Contrast + Tinted renders the game almost unplayable.
  • The Stretched effect sometimes breaks the camera when the screen sways.
  • Levelling up your Immunity skill to max effectively removes hallucinating from any sources.