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Hawaii is a map in Unturned 3 released on February 18, 2017. The environment is based upon Island of Hawaiʻi, with a multitude of smaller islands circling it. Many underwater locations exist on Hawaii.

The map was created by Justin "Gamez2much" Morton, Terran "Spyjack" Orion, Alex "Rainz2much" Stoyanoz, and Amanda "Mooki2much" Hubler.


Alika Base:

The Alika Base is the coastal base for the coastguard. It is an enclosed area located along the north-eastern coast, featuring several barracks, towers, a crane, a hangar, a helipad, a ship repair bay, and the coastguard headquarters itself.

Items that can be found consist of loot from the Civilian spawn-group and Military US spawn-group. The Coaster and Bouncer may spawn on the helipad, while the Coastguard Seaplane can spawn in the hangar. The Commander can be found in the ship repair bay, and the Coastguard Truck may spawn throughout the main area.

Ano Resort:

The Ano Resort is based upon the south-eastern side of the lower major island. It features a single large cabin alongside several smaller cabins and tents. The northern side of Ano Resort has tables surrounding a fire pit.

Off to the coast nearby, there is a dock with Post spawn-group, Camp spawn-group, Beach spawn-group, and Civilian US spawn-group loot. The Runabout may spawn near the dock.

Kahuna Gas:

Kahuna Gas is located on the main highway connecting the two major islands' roadways together. Food spawn-group and Gas spawn-group items spawn in the area.

Hookeai Raceway:

Hookeai Raceway is a racetrack in the north-eastern corner of the lower half of the two major islands. The area further includes ramps, bleachers, and detached garages.

Civilian spawn-group loot spawns in the bleachers, and Mechanic spawn-group loot spawns in the detached garages. Dune Buggies also spawn in the detached garages, and may be found on the actual racetrack.

Mauna Kea:

Mauna Kea is a dormant shield volcano in the center of the upper major island. Nearby there is a military base and an observatory. Moai are scattered around the volcano.

Military spawn-group loot can be found within the barracks, while Construction spawn-group loot can be found within the observatory. The Coastguard Truck and Desert Truck may spawn in the area.

A Mega Zombie may be found near the volcano.


Memorial is a location based on the USS Arizona, a Pennsylvania-class battleship. Nothing spawns at the location.

Tadaaki Light:

Tadaaki Light features a lighthouse alongside a house and detached garage. It is located at the lower half half of the two major islands, upon the north-eastern peninsula north of Hookeai Raceway.

Civilian spawn-group and Mechanic spawn-group loot can be found in the area.

The Akoni:

The Akoni is a cruise liner located in the south-western area of the map. Loot includes items from Civilian and Construction spawn-groups.






  • Despite remarks about NPCs being on the map, there are currently no NPCs. NPCs are said to come in a further update, at a location currently without any zombies.
    • The only location without zombie spawns is the Memorial location.

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