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Mode: Survival
Size: Large (4096 m2)

Hawaii is a curated survival map in Unturned 3 released on February 18, 2017. The environment is based on the Island of Hawaiʻi, with a multitude of smaller islands circling it. Many underwater and cave locations exist on Hawaii.

The map was created by Justin "Gamez2much" Morton, Terran "Spyjack" Orion, Alex "Rainz2much" Stoyanov, and Amanda "Mooki2much" Hubler.

The creators can be supported by purchasing the Hawaii Map Mystery Box, which has contents themed around the map.


There are twenty-seven location nodes on the map.

Aheahe Farm:

Aheahe Farm is a farm located in the northeastern section of the lower major island.

Four patches of farmland are divided into plots, with dirt paths passing by all of them. The shortest path has a shed at the end, and the largest path has a crashed Sandpiper. At the northwestern side of Aheahe Farm there is a large house, a windmill, three barns, and a silo connected to the largest barn. A Gas Tank spawns on the opposite side of the largest barn.

Civilian spawn-group loot spawns inside the large house, and Farm spawn-group items spawn everywhere else. Quads can spawn around the area, and a Sandpiper can spawn in front of the silo.

Alika Base:

The Alika Base is the coastal base for the coastguard.

It is an enclosed area located along the northeastern coast, featuring several barracks, towers, a crane, a hangar, a helipad, a ship repair bay, and the coastguard headquarters itself.

Items that can be found consist of loot from the Civilian spawn-group and Washington_Military_America spawn-group. The Coaster and Bouncer can spawn on the helipad, while the Coastguard Seaplane can spawn in the hangar. A Commander can spawn in the ship repair bay, and the Coastguard Truck can spawn throughout the main area. Two Mega Zombies can be found here.

Ano Resort:

The Ano Resort is based upon the southeastern side of the lower major island.

It features a single large cabin alongside several smaller cabins and tents. The northern side of Ano Resort has tables surrounding a fire pit.

Off to the coast nearby, there is a dock with Washington_Post spawn-group, Washington_Camp spawn-group, Beach spawn-group, and Civilian US spawn-group loot. The Runabout can spawn near the dock.

Aolani Farm:

The Aolani Farm is a farm located a steep hill in the northeastern section of the lower major island.

It is south of Hookeai Raceway.

The area notably consists of two plots of farmland, two barns, and a two-story home. Two grain silos are on the southernmost side of the land.

Civilian spawn-group loot spawns inside the two-story house, and Farm spawn-group items spawn everywhere else. A Quad may spawn between the two barns.

Aouli Harbor:

Aouli Harbor is a harbor located upon the upper eastern coast of the lower major island.

It primarily features a large wooden dock with two levels. There are two Gas Tanks, on opposite ends of the wooden dock.

Loot from the Washington_Construction spawn-group spawns all over the area.

Hani Farm:

Hani Farm is a farm along the southeastern side of the lower major island, bordered by a mountain.

It features two silos, a windmill, a house, a barn, and a wheat field.

Quads may spawn in the area, and loot primarily consists of items from the Farm spawn-group. The house additionally contains Civilian US spawn-group and Mechanic spawn-group loot.

To the east, off the coast, there is a dock.

Holokai Harbor:

Holokai Harbor is primarily a large metal harbor located upon the western coast of the upper major island. A substation extends off of a wooden pier that is connected to the main harbor.

Two parking lots are located atop the most mainland portion of the harbor, and a Gas Tank is between the two parking lots. Several mobile homes span the area.

There is a cargo ship is docked at the harbor, with wooden pallets on the right side of the harbor laid across it for use as a walkway.

Hookeai Raceway:

The Hookeai Raceway is a racetrack in the northeastern corner of the lower half of the two major islands.

The area further includes ramps, bleachers, and detached garages.

Civilian spawn-group loot spawns in the bleachers, and Washington_Gas spawn-group loot spawns in the detached garages. Dune Buggies also spawn in the detached garages, and may be found on the actual racetrack.


The Junkyard is located east of Holokai Harbor, atop a rocky cliff. There is a natural rock overhang over a small portion of the debris.

Debris is scattered across the location in piles, with the occasional waste management object. A nonfunctional car crusher is near the center of the Junkyard.

Although most of the Junkyard has navigation generated for Zombies, The stone wall under the natural rock overhang can be destroyed as a method of entering the major cave system under Mauna Kea.

During the Lost Camera! quest a camera can be found laying in debris.

Kahuna Gas:

Kahuna Gas is located on the main highway connecting the two major islands' roadways together.

At the location there is a Gas building and a Fastfood building. Four Gas Pumps are located under a covered area, with a Gas Tank near the back stone walls.

Grocer spawn-group, Chef spawn-group, and Washington_Gas spawn-group items spawn in the area.

Kini Power:

Kini Power is a power station located inland at the northeastern section of the upper major island.

It features many industrial objects, factories, and large vents. The area primarily spawns items from the Washington_Construction spawn-group.

Mauna Kea:

Mauna Kea is a dormant shield volcano in the center of the upper major island.

Nearby there is a military base and an observatory. The volcano itself is a Deadzone Node.

Washington_Military_America spawn-group loot may be found within the barracks, while Washington_Construction spawn-group loot may be found within the observatory. The Coastguard Truck, Desert APC and Desert Truck may spawn in the area.

A Mega Zombie may be found near the volcano.


Memorial is a location based on the USS Arizona, a Pennsylvania-class battleship.

Nothing spawns at the location.

Tadaaki Light:

Tadaaki Light features a lighthouse alongside a house and detached garage.

It is located at the lower half half of the two major islands, upon the northeastern peninsula north of Hookeai Raceway.

Civilian spawn-group and Mechanic spawn-group loot may be found in the area.

The Akoni:

The Akoni is a cruise liner located in the southwestern area of the map.

Loot includes items from Civilian spawn-group and Washington_Construction spawn-group.

The Ailani:

The Ailani is located in the northeastern corner of the map.

It features The Ailani as a military destroyer, and then a second vessel that collided with it. There are no ladders on the sides of the ships to climb on from.

Underwater, there is a substation with biohazard containers scattered nearby.

Research spawn-group, Washington_Military_America spawn-group, Washington_Militia spawn-group, Washington_Special_America spawn-group loot may be found across all of the area. Washington_Construction spawn-group, and Washington_Post spawn-group items may only be found aboard the destroyer itself, below deck.


Waiola is located at the southwestern corner of the lower major island.

It is a camp atop a mountain meant for hang gliding. There are several small buildings scattered around the area.

Gliders spawn here.
























  • The Aegis vessel at The Ailani caused the Deadzone Node around the area.
  • The robotic arm seen in a hospital room at Waikoloa might be a reference to the da Vinci, a robotic surgical system.
  • Memorial is based on the USS Arizona Memorial.
  • "Alika" is a Hawaiian name. The meaning of the name is "protector."
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