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Hell's Fury
Fury 1364
ID 1364
Rarity Legendary
Type Ranged Weapon
Slots Primary: 15 Slots (5x3)
Hooks Tactical
Defaults N/A
Firemodes Auto
Range 150 meters • 492.126 feet
Firerate 16.666666666667 RPS
Durability 40% degrade chance ( wear)
Hell's Fury
Damage 32
Damage 99
Damage 32
Barricade 10
Structure 10
Vehicle 25
Resource 25
Object 20
Negation True / False
Hell's Fury
File Fury
Caliber 32
Muzzle 4
Hell's Fury
Fury 1364



The Hell's Fury is a Legendary Ranged Weapon in Unturned 3. It uses Hell's Fury Drums as ammunition, which can hold up to 250 rounds.


Horde Beacon: It is available as a reward.

Hawaii: Can only be found inside Carepackages.

PEI: Can be found inside Carepackages.

Russia: It may spawn at Silo 22, or any other military areas.

Washington: Can be found inside Carepackages.



  • Largest ammo capacity thus far.
  • Highest RPS of any Machine Gun. (16 2/3 RPS)
  • Can damage any normally invulnerable barricades and structures.
  • No recoil.


  • The largest Item ever, taking up 15 slots.
  • Due to its large size, it cannot be placed on a sentry of any type.
  • Gun needs to be revved up in order to fire, causing slightly delayed firing time.
  • High bullet spread.
  • Can only accept Tactical Attachments.
  • The Hell's Fury Drum is as rare as the Hell's Fury.
  • Very expensive to repair.
  • Highest degrade chance of any Machine Gun.
  • It is not able to be placed on vehicles.



  • It appears to be based off the M134 Minigun in use by many countries including the USA which is mounted on helicopters and fighter jets.
    • However, the description states that the weapon is a "Russian minigun", even though there is no similar Russian counterpart to the Hell's Fury.
  • The slight delay before firing can be attributed to the motor activation for the barrel rotation mechanism.
  • Hell's Fury was also the name of an laser minigun in the game Deadzone
M134 image

The M134, Hell's fury's counterpart

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