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20160825174408 1
ID 135
Seats 6
Forward 72 km/h
Backward 9km/h
Brake 32


File Name Hind
Special LockMouse • Engine Helicopter
Explosion 20
Exit 3

The Hind is a vehicle in Unturned 3. It's a helicopter gunship that can hold up to six people.


Russia: On the helipads in the Volk Military Base.



  • Invulnerable to small arms fire.
  • Has the most health of all helicopters.
  • Has 6 passenger seats.
  • All passengers are well protected from gunfire.
  • Has an HMG attached to one of the seats


  • Pilot sight is obstructed by the canopy.
  • Passengers can not use Ranged Weapons effectively.


  • The Hind is based off the Mil Mi-24, developed by the Soviet Union.
    • The name comes from the NATO reporting name: Hind.
    • It is likely the Hind D export variant, with a redesigned forward fuselage compared to earlier models while still retaining the gun turret instead of the fixed cannon in the latter models.
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