Holman Island is a location in Unturned. It is a small island on the south-west coast of PEI. The island contains a bunker on its south end, where it's possible to find an assortment of ranger loot. The north end of the island features a shipwreck, where there are a whole bunch of construction zombies, along with some construction loot. There are also quite a few trees, along with a few berry bushes, scattered throughout the island.

Holman Island

The outside view of the compound at the Holman Island

The outside view of the compound at Holman island

Location Type: Compound
Type(s) of Loot Found: Militia, Construction, Civilian
Size: Slightly Large (Island), Small (Compound)
Zombie Population: Low

Holman Island is a small island off the south-west coast of PEI, near Wiltshire Farm. On the island is a small fortified base containing a house, cargo containers, and the well-known Bunker.


The base is fortified by stone walls and inside it is a house, water tank, gas tank and various other objects (Cargo crates and picnic tables). If you follow a small dirt path, you will find a boat that has run aground onto the sand.

The Bunker can be found if you go down the ladder in an open hatch. Inside, you will see furniture (oven, tables, cupboards, etc.), Milita grade loot, food, materials, Civilian grade weapons & Ammunition can be found here. In rare cases, you will find militia grade items.

Civilian Zombies can be found both inside and outside the Bunker.


  • In an interview, Nelson revealed that, due to the way the heightmap is handled, the bunker is just a giant building stuck down a very deep hole.

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