Honeybadger 116
ID 116
Context Legendary Ranged Weapon
Equip Secondary: 6 slots (3x2)
Fire Mode
Safety • Semi • Auto
Range 125 meters • 136.70166 yards
10 RPS
Durability 40% degrade chance (1 wear)
Hook Grip • Sight • Tactical
Default Honeybadger Iron Sights
Size 3x2
Player Damage
Damage 40
Zombie Damage
Damage 99
Animal Damage
Damage 40
Miscellaneous Damage
Size 3x2
Muzzle 3
Recoil and Shake
Aim ADS recoil multiplier of 1
Size 3x2



The Honeybadger is a Legendary Ranged Weapon in Unturned 3 and is classified as a carbine. It uses Military Magazines, Military Drums, Military Fragmentation Magazines, Military Tracer Magazines and Swissgewehr Magazine; which hold 30, 100, 20, 20 and 20 rounds respectively. It also spawns with the otherwise unobtainable Honeybadger Barrel and the Honeybadger Iron Sights by default.


Germany: It can be obtained rarely at Military Locations as a part of the Special spawn-group. It can also be found in Carepackages.

Hawaii: It can be found at the Aegis installation on Mauna Kea.

PEI: It can be found in Carepackages or Horde Beacon.

Russia: It can be found in Carepackages or Coalition Base.

Washington: It can be found on military locations and dropped by Mega Zombie.

Yukon: It can be dropped by Scorpion-7 Mega Zombie.


The Honeybadger is internally suppressed, meaning it does not need a Suppressor. The Honeybadger's hip accuracy is slightly off.
Uses only six inventory slots.
Can be equipped as a secondary weapon.
Low recoil. Low durability
Has auto firemode. The Honeybadger is extremely rare.
Decent zombie damage (99) and player damage (40). The long equip animation of The Player pulling out the stock may get you killed in unexpected PvP scenarios, while your opponent already has their gun out.
Impressive RPS. A noise is played when the gun's stock is pulled out during its equip animation, making close-range stealth operations challenging.
Can use up to 100 rounds.


Added 'super rare new gun', with an unmentioned ID of 65533.
Increased spread on Honeybadger, reduced inventory size and brought into normal ID range.

ID changed from 65533 to 116.
Tweaked Honeybadger to fit in secondary slot.
Tweaked Honeybadger range lower.

Improved Honeybadger sound to be unique.
Improved the Eaglefire and Honeybadger models.
  • Added damage against objects, set at 25.


  • The Honeybadger is based on the Advanced Armament Corporation 'Honey Badger' PDW.
  • The Honeybadger features an internal suppressor. This trait is shared with the Matamorez.
  • When the Honeybadger was added, it was referred to as a 'super rare new gun' and would spawn very rarely on the Devtest map. Hours after it was added players found the ID, 65533. The ID was later changed to 116.
  • According to the developer, the Honeybadger was going to be an 'end-game' weapon.
  • The Honeybadger's appearance was originally very similar to the Eaglefire.
  • The Honeybadger shares the same name as its real-life counterparts.
  • The sound and animation played when equipping the gun is the player extending the stock. This animation is unique to the Honeybadger.
  • It does not spawn or have a chance to be dropped by a Mega Zombie on the PEI map anymore.
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