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Horde Beacon
Beacon 1194
File Beacon
ID 1194
Rarity Legendary
Type Beacon
Slots 4 Slots (2x2)
Health 80
Range 4
Radius 0.5
Offset 0.75
Special Wave • Drops • Rewards
Explosion 36



The Horde Beacon is a Legendary Beacon in Unturned 3.


When placed inside navmesh, it emits a signal that spawns 100 Zombies and causes them to act as if they are in a Full Moon. They chase the Player who placed the Horde Beacon and any other Players within the area's navmesh. The last zombie spawned will be a Mega Zombie with increased health and damage.

Zombies affected by the Horde Beacon gain additional health and deal more damage per attack, making them difficult to deal with. The health and damage will increase more and more for each Player that is participating.

If the Player who placed the Horde Beacon leaves the town where it was placed, disconnects, or gets killed, the Horde Beacon will destroy itself and not grant any Items.

If all Zombies are killed, the Horde Beacon will destroy itself and drop a few Items. The amount of Items scales determined by how many Players actually participated. It drops 7 in single-player.

Difficulty and Drop Algorithms:

The amount of health that Zombies spawned by the Horde Beacon have depends on the amount of players in the area and is calculated with the following formula:

HordeHealth = BaseHealth * (x + 1), with 'x' being the amount of players in the navmesh.

Should a Player join the party mid-fight, the newly spawned zombies' stats will increase accordingly, and if a Player exits the area's navmesh, the stats of zombies spawned afterward will decrease.

The amount of Items that the Horde Beacon spawns when it is completed scales up with the count of participants, dropping seven per each Player present in the area at the time of completion of the Horde Beacon.


Possible Item Drops:

All 22 Items that can drop after defeating all 100 Zombies, including the Mega Zombie, are shown below with their drop chances.

Horde Beacon Drops
Desert Falcon 6.4%
Desert Falcon Magazine 6.4%
Dragonfang 6.4%
Dragonfang Box 6.4%
Fragmentation Grenade 6.4%
High Caliber Military Ammunition Crate 6.4%
High Caliber Ranger Ammunition Box 6.4%
Military Drum 6.4%
Nykorev 6.4%
Nykorev Box 6.4%
Ranger Drum 6.4%
Ekho 3.2%
Ekho Magazine 3.2%
Grizzly 3.2%
Grizzly Magazine 3.2%
Honeybadger 3.2%
Matamorez 3.2%
Matamorez Magazine 3.2%
Timberwolf 3.2%
Timberwolf Magazine 3.2%
Hell's Fury 0.6%
Hell's Fury Drum 0.6%


Version Changes The Horde Beacon has been added to the game. Can no longer be salvaged.


  • Zombies spawned through the Horde Beacon do not drop Items.
  • If the Horde Beacon is destroyed at any time during the attack, all zombies present will revert back to their normal, item-dropping variety. This includes the Mega Zombie.
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