ID 807
Seats 4
Trunk 8 Storage (4x2)
Forward 36 mph
Backward 13.5 mph
Brake 32
File Name Hovercraft
Special Invulnerable • Traction
Explosion 20
Exit 3.5

The Hovercraft is a Legendary Car in Unturned 3.

Analysis: Edit

Advantages: Edit

  • Invulnerable to small arms fire.
  • All passengers are well protected from gunfire.
  • It has amphibious properties, meaning it can float and drive on water.

Disadvantages: Edit

  • Passengers can not use Ranged Weapons effectively.
  • Very rare.
  • Very slow on water and not very fast on land.
  • Cannot run over Zombies
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Unturned 3: Edit