Ibex Valley is a small canyon located in the north central portion of the Yukon map.


It lies underneath bridges for both the main road and the train tracks, and can be entered from either the east or west ends of the valley, though it is easier to enter from the south side between the bridges, as the slope of the canyon is gentle enough to drive or walk up and down, and allows for easy access to the debris field, which is the only area of note within the valley.

On top of the train bridge lies a wrecked 12 car train, with the engine of the train hanging over the side of the bridge, and a debris field lying in the valley directly under the engine. It consists of 2 box cars, 2 flat bed cars, 2 tanker cars (not usable for fuel), and 5 flat bed cars with storage containers on them; all of which have construction loot spawn points on or near them, as does the debris field in the valley.

There are several Construction zombies, as well as unique Train Engineer zombies, that lurk around both the train and the debris in the valley. The Engineer zombies have a chance to drop the Train Engineer clothing set.