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is a major contributor to survival in Unturned . It is one of five Statuses for the Player.

When the immunity bar is at 0%, the player will slowly lose Blood. The Immunity skill will decrease the amount of immunity loss from zombie hits or item consumption. Medical items such as Vaccines will restore immunity.

Decreases in Immunity

  • Getting hit by a zombie
  • Eating low quality food. (Below 45%)
  • Drinking salt water.
  • Using Morphine or Adrenaline
  • Entering a Deadzone Node
  • When Immunity is under 50% (continuously)

Increases in Immunity

Item Immunity Increase
Vaccine +50%
Antibiotics +15%
Vitamins +10%
Cough Syrup +20%
Tablets +30%


  • In one of the steam updates, a new skill also called Immunity is able to decrease immunity loss from zombie hits or item consumption
  • Originally in Unturned 1, the meter was referred to as RADS
  • Immunity used to be called Sickness

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