Jane's Diary is a note found in Seattle. It can be read under the table of the city's school. The diary entry is about a person named Jane who knew Laura who went missing in school though her teacher Mr. Green said not to worry as her family went to Madagascar according to her parents. When Jane cycled to her farm, it was taken over by construction workers.


Jane's Diary2

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Jane's Diary

Page 120

Laura hasn't been to school for over a week now, and according to Mr. Green we shouldn't worry because her parents called to say they were moving to Madagascar... I don't think that's right because she would have told me, so I cycled down to their farm. Well at least where their farm used to be. Someone in a biohazard suit told me the road was off limits and turned me around, but I saw construction equipment and a giant hole where the crops used to be. I hope Laura's okay...


  • The page number is 120.
  • Jane appears to be a friend of Laura, the girl who was first mentioned in Laura's Diary.
  • Mr. Green, likely a person she knew, told her that Laura's family went to Madagascar. However, Jane was skeptical about this since Laura would have notified her beforehand.
  • Laura's family farm was likely replaced by what appears to be the Scorpion-7 facility.