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ID 88 (Desert) • 87 (Forest)
Seats 4
Forward 55 kph
Backward 25 kph
Brake 32
File Name Jeep_[Colour]
Special Traction
Explosion 20
Exit N/A

The Jeep is a Military vehicle in Unturned. Because of the aforementioned reason, it spawns at military locations.


The Jeep is a 4-wheeled vehicle. As with all Military vehicles, there are forest and desert variants.

How to obtain

Forest variant spawns at the Summerside Military Base and at the Confederation Bridge in PEI, and the Desert variant spawns at the Olympia Military Base in Washington,and at some parts at the far end of the map.


  • Can hold four players.
  • Fairly fast speed.
  • Common vehicle spawn.
  • Good fuel capacity


  • Many openings, making it exposed.
  • Extremely vulnerable to ranged weaponry.


  • The jeep is based on the M151 MUTT or the original World War II Willy's Jeep


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