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Somebody has to keep a record of what actually happened,otherwise anything can become history.We didn't know of course,it was a few blips on the radar-could easily have been a surprise attack,and we gave them a fair warning! Although in hindsite I doubt their comms use the same tech as ours.The one we recovered went down in New Mexico.The other one's lost,but i doubt there were any survivors.None of us expected it to be a flying saucer! The government's trying to play it down from the public,and the offical account is that we rescued them after they crashed into an unidentified object.


It's not my place to reveal any of this,and can't change the past...The way they're handling this rubs me up the wrong way thought...I think I'll quitely retire,almost that age anyway.Maybe we'll move someplace nice.


  • This could also meant the Roswell UFO incident happened in 1947
  • In the note says there an 2nd UFO crash,This is likely meant that it crashed at Bellevue Golf Course

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