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Kensington Campground

Kensington is a campground on the PEI map in 3.0. It's located on the most southern island, above Tignish Farm.


Like Souris Campground, it consists of tents, lodges, benches and grills. Loot includes camp and fishing items.

Loot Table Rarity
Flashlight Common
Camp Axe Common
Swiss Knife Uncommon
Campfire Rare
Bedroll Rare
Hawkhound Rare

All buildings on the Campground


  • Before the update, Kensington was a town that featured a gun store and a small school.

Kensington Campground

Kensington campground overview
Location Type: Campground
Size: Small
Zombie Population: Low
Tent(s): 3
House(s) 3

Kensington Campground is a civilian location in Unturned. It is a campground that is located near Charlottetown.


Kensington Campground contains 2 houses and 4 tents which spawn civilian-grade loot, but occasionally can spawn militia-grade weapons like the Zubeknakov and Matamorez. The tables and BBQ stands mostly spawn food, but sometimes other kinds of militia-grade equipment. Civilian vehicles like cars and vans spawn close to the road.

A dock, which can also spawn civilian loot, can be seen on the coast close to the campground.


  • After Tignish Campground was removed from the map, this is the only campground that can be seen on the PEI map.
  • This was one of the two first locations in the game, along with Charlottetown.


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