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Keryev is a construction location on the Russia map. It is located on the west side of the map, south of Tomsk Farm, west of St. Petersburg and far north of Kivgrad Harbor.


Keryev appears to be a quarry that was being excavated for raw materials. Keryev is made up of four main parts: the mobile offices and a security checkpoint to the north of the quarry, the processing factory to the northwest, a mechanic shop to the south, and the main dig area itself.

Mining tools and construction materials spawn here. There is a chance that civilian vehicles can spawn at the parking spaces next to the factory. It is the best place to get a large amount of Scrap Metal, as it has many Boulders.


  • There is a note in one of the mobile offices referring to a 'strange artifact' being unearthed in the quarry and being sold to Scorpion-7.
    • The 'strange artifact' could be a reference to the soulcrystal shard, since it was taken by Scorpion-7 and it was encased in stone.


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