Kivgrad Harbor

Location Type: Construction
Size: Small
Zombie Population: Medium

Kivgrad Harbor is a marked location in the Russia map. It is located south of Keryev, west of Vladimir Farm, and north of the Oil Rig.


Kivgrad Harbor is a construction location that is north of the oil rig. It spawns construction loot and several civilian cars. Kivgrad Harbor is one of the biggest construction locations in the map.

The building spawns civilian and construction loot. The harbor has multiple storage containers and a boat, which has storage containers that spawn loot. Construction zombies are the only kind that spawn here. Near Kivgrad Harbor is the Cursed Pirate Treasure, which is part of the Mk. II Puzzle. The harbor itself is decently sized, and it is possible to find very helpful base building objects here, such as Portable Generators, Industrial Generators, Portable Gas Cans, and Industrial Gas Cans.