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2000 mip 0
Item Type: Backpack
Carrying Space: 8 slots
Weight Tolerance: +7.5kg/16.53lbs
Equippable? Yes
Stackable? No
Weight: 0kg/0lbs
Examine Text:Not very big. Made of fabric.

The Knapsack was a common backpack that could be found in civilian locations. When equipped, it replaced any other backpack that was being used and provided 8 inventory slots and up to 7.5 kg carrying capacity.

Backpack Conditions


  • The Knapsack was quite common, being found only in civilian locations.


  • The Knapsack could only carry up to 8 items.
  • It had a poor weight tolerance of 7.5kg/16.53lbs.


  • It was previously misspelled "Napsack."
  • The Knapsack was the first backpack introduced to Unturned 2.
  • Apart from the player's default inventory, it provided the least amount of inventory space.
  • The Knapsack is of German origin; knapp means limited and Sack bag.
  • During beta version, it had 25 slots.

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