This page contains removed content from Unturned. Anything on this page is no longer part of the game, so please keep this in mind while commenting or editing.

Lapua Ammunition Box

Lapua Ammunition Box Icon
Item ID: None (Replaced by Civilian Ammunition Box)
Item Type: Ammunition box
Ammunition Capacity: 10 rounds
Inventory Space: 4 slot (2x2)
Examine Text: "Military grade Lapua ammunition box. Designed to fit 10 rounds.

The Lapua Ammunition Box was a type of ammunition box in Unturned. It held 10 military-grade rounds and it was used to refill Timberwolf Magazines. The Lapua Ammunition Crate was first added along with the Military Ammunition Crate. It used to be called "8.60 Ammunition Box", but it was renamed in version

This item inspired the Civilian Ammunition Box and Ranger Ammunition Box which have similar models (Only difference being the color).