Laundry front

The front side of the Laundry.

Location: Alberton
Size: Small
Unique Features: Spawns clothing and cloth

The Laundry is a building found in Alberton. It is a pale purple colored building with the label "Laundry" displayed on top.


The Laundry is only made up of one big room. There are eight clothes washers, two tables, four chairs and a counter. Mostly, clothes and cloth spawn anywhere in the room, including on top of the washer/table.

Behind the counter might spawn moldy food or sometimes grocer clothing.

Items found in the Laundry

Item Rarity
Cloth Common
Any clothing (top) Common
Any clothing (bottom) Common
Moldy food Common
Grocer clothing (top and bottom) Uncommon


  • The Clothing Shop spawns items similar to what the Laundry spawns, but only clothing and cloth.
  • The Laundry and Clothing Shop are the two best ways to craft medical supplies,since cloth can be crafted into rags and clothes can be broken down into cloth.


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