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Laura's Diary is a note found in Tignish Farm. It can be read on the table in the farm house's bedroom. It is a diary-like entry where a farm girl was skeptical about her parent's behavior when they're pretending that nothing bad is happening.


Laura's Diary

Page 35

They're acting like everything's normal, but I can tell ma and pa noticed it too. I remember growing up here, my whole life, my family, my friends at Montague... but the memories don't fit right... if that makes sense. This is MY diary, but reading back I don't feel like I wrote those things.


  • Laura's diary entry is page 35, which likely indicates that it was torn off from her diary for some unknown reason.
  • Her parents are pretending that everything's fine, as if they're trying to let their daughter not know about the problem. However, Laura was suspicious about the situation.
  • She had a memory of growing up in PEI, but she said that it doesn't feel right as if it wasn't her true life.
  • Despite being her diary, she doesn't feel like she wrote the diary entry herself.


  • According to Jane's Diary, she was originally a resident in Washington. This implies that she was taken to PEI and have her memories erased and modified by Scorpion-7, hence the current memory being unfitting to her.