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Chef Leonard is a vendor located on the Liberator.

The NPC that runs the vendor is located on the lowest floor, leveled with the entrance ladder. He is at the dining room over the counter.


Canned Sardines 10
Canned Bacon 30
Canned Beans 30
Canned Beef 30
Canned Chicken Soup 30
Canned Ham 30
Canned Pasta 30
Canned Tomato Soup 30
Canned Tuna 30
Raw Pork 30
Raw Beef 30
Raw Venison 40
Raw Salmon 30
Raw Bass 40
MRE 50


Apple Juice 50
Grape Juice 50
Candy Bar 50
Chocolate Bar 50
Energy Bar 65
Granola Bar 65
Chips 65
Dough 65
Maple Syrup 85


Quests: The Secret Snack can be quickly completed by buying Dough and Maple Syrup from the vendor for a total of 150 experience.

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