Liberation Bridge

Liberation bridge

Liberation Bridge in Unturned 3.0.

Location Type: None
Size: Medium
Zombie Population: None

Liberation Bridge is a small wooden bridge connecting Kensington to the rest of Prince Edward Island.


Liberation Bridge is a wooden three-truss bridge that connects the PEI mainland to Kensington . It has boulders at each of the bases of supports and is the only bridge in PEI to be left undamaged. There are no vehicle, item, or zombie spawns and has no notable features underneath or atop the bridge.


Liberation Bridge itself does not spawn any items. The wrecked car nearby does have a single civilian item spawn point inside, though. The washing machine also spawns ranger loot.


  • There is a red car crashed into a guardrail near the bridge, most likely due to the washing machine on the road.
  • Liberation Bridge is the only wooden truss bridge in PEI.
  • The washing machine rarely spawns ranger loot, like suppressors.