The Zombie Boss is a type of Zombie in Unturned. They are part of three new Liberator missions, and spawn only once at specified locations upon accepting these quests. In Waikoloa, Hawaii, may spawn a random variant of the Zombie Boss.


Groundpounder: This zombie spawns at Yekativurg as part of the Aftershock quest received from Peter. It looks like a random Civilian Zombie, but much bigger. Its main ability is jumping into the air and landing, generating shockwaves that damage players and vehicles.

Flamethrower: This zombie spawns at Novobirsk as part of the Scorched Earth quest received from Norbert. It looks like Burner Zombies, but much bigger. Its main ability is propelling fire from its mouth in a continuous wave that does rapid damage upon contact. Their fire can also turn a regular zombie into a Burner Zombie. It dies in a fiery explosion like regular burners.

Lightningstrike: This zombie spawns at Jhavesk as part of the Sparks quest received from Ensign Cliff. It looks like a random Civilian Zombie, but much bigger, and it has electricity particles around it. Their main ability is an electric blast with high projectile speed. Obstructions will stop the electric blast.


  • With the default difficulty settings on Easy, the Flamethrower Boss is the only way to encounter "Burner" Zombies.
  • The audio played when the Groundpounder Boss slams the ground is the same as when a Mega Zombie throws rocks.

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