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Unturned Log
Item Type: Crafting Supply
Equippable? No
Stackable? Yes
Weight: 0.40kg / 0.88lbs
Description: Limited edition available in nature.

Logs are a crafting ingredient that appears near a Tree when it is chopped down. Logs are items which are needed by most players in order to start their first base/fortress/house. Others might have not found an Axe/Fire Axe or Chainsaw and scavenge for Boards instead.

Logs can only be used for making boards so it's a good idea to craft all logs into Boards, unless large amounts of logs are used. Take maximum stack sizes into account though because one inventory slot holds a maximum of 30 Boards



  • There are a couple of logs found outside a house on Kensington Campground, but are unobtainable.
  • There are also log props in S.S. Haven.
  • If you want a quick way to figure out how many logs you'll need to produce a large number of Wooden Foundations for bridges, 3 logs will produce one foundation.