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Makeshift Muffler
Makeshift Muffler
ID 477
Rarity Common
Type Suppressor
Slots 2 Slots (2x1)



The Makeshift Muffler is a craftable Barrel Attachment in Unturned added in the patch.


The Makeshift Muffler heavily suppresses the noise and flash of the attached weapon. However, it also reduces damage. It is compatible with all firearms with an available barrel attachment slot.


Can + 1 Duct Tape + 1 Blowtorch= Makeshift Muffler


  • The Makeshift Muffler is often mistaken to only be compatible with the makeshift rifles, likely due to its name and how it was obtained.
  • The name 'muffler' is based on a device used to reduce the sound of vehicle exhausts and instruments. In non-US English speaking countries it is called silencer.
  • In real life, cans have been proven to decrease the amount of noise produced by firearms and disorienting explosives alike.
Weaponry (Unturned 3)

ID ListWeaponry


Muffler Icon 2
Item Type: Attachment (Barrel)
Equippable? No
Stackable? No
Weight: 0.12kg/0.26lbs
Description: "Low Quality Suppressor"

The Muffler is a barrel attachment that is made with 2 Canned Cola and 2 Cans near a campfire, using the fire tool. When attached to a firearm, it lowers gunshot noise, but not as effectively as the Suppressor.

Although the Suppressor is still superior to the Muffler as it reduces noise more effectively, the Muffler is easier to obtain as Cans and Canned Cola are more common.


  • Despite being a lower quality version of the Suppressor, the Muffler is still useful for players who want to shoot zombies, but attract less attention, and avoid drawing a horde when shooting.
  • In real life, soda cans have been proven to decrease the amount of noise produced by firearms and disorienting explosives alike.
  • When the player has to decide between the muffler and the flash hider he / she should prefer the muffler because it is able to reduce firing sound as well
  • It is very long, being able to reveal your location in PvP.


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