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Maple Bow
Bow Maple
ID 353
Rarity Common
Type Bow
Slots 8 Slots (4x2)
Equip Primary
Hooks N/A
Defaults Default Barrel • Default Sights
Firemodes Safety • Semi • Burst • Auto
Range 145 meters • 475.722 feet
Firerate 1 RPS
Durability 100% degrade chance
Maple Bow
Damage 80
Damage 99
Damage 99
Barricade N/A
Structure N/A
Vehicle N/A
Resource N/A
Negation False
Maple Bow
File Filename
Caliber 15
Muzzle N/A
Maple Bow
Bow Maple



The Maple Bow is a weapon that uses Arrows as its ammunition. It only holds 1 arrow at a time.


It must be obtained from crafting.

Crafting Recipe

7 Maple Sticks + 1 Rope = Maple Bow



  • High damage per shot.
  • Arrows can be retrieved upon impact.
  • Silent.
  • Comes with an arrow pre-loaded upon crafting.
  • Very good accuracy.
  • Cheap to craft.
  • Ammunition is easy to obtain.


  • Can't equip attachments.
  • Can't be fired from the hip.
  • Slow reload speed.
  • Ineffective against groups.
  • Ammunition has durability.
  • Low space efficiency.


Version Changes Wear was added, with a value of 5. Range decreased to 110.
  • Range increased from 110 to 145.
  • Ballistic Steps increased from 22 to 29.


  • The arrows are not hitscan anymore, unless you are in easy-mode.
  • This bow is the middle cousin of the three wooden bows. It has more range and object damage than the Birch Bow, but less than the Pine
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