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ID 1000
Rarity Legendary
Type Ranged Weapon
Slots Primary: 10 Slots (5x2)
Hooks Sight • Tactical • Grip
Defaults Matamorez Iron Sights
Firemodes Safety • Semi • Auto
Range 150 meters • 328.084 feet
Firerate 5.5555555555556 RPS
Durability 30% degrade chance ( wear)
5x2 size-image
Damage 70
Damage 99
Damage 70
Barricade 30
Structure 30
Vehicle 60
Resource 60
Object Object Damage
File Matamorez
Caliber 21
Muzzle 4



The Matamorez (pronouced 'Mat-ah-MORE-ez') is a Legendary Ranged Weapon Unturned 3. It is an assault rifle that uses the Matamorez Magazine which holds 17 rounds, and the Matamorez Box which holds 36 rounds. It spawns with the Matamorez Iron Sights pre-attached by default, and the weapon itself takes up 10 slots (5x2) in the inventory.


PEI: It can be found in Ranger locations such as the Radio Tower, Holman Isle's bunker, Alberton's bank vault, Caperock and the airport control tower.

Washington: It can be found as rare drops from zombies, on the ground or houses at Heritage Valley, on the radio towers all around the map, the submarine, and the bank vault at Seattle.

Russia: It can be found in Silo 22 and part of Special Spawngroups.


It is internally suppressed. It and its magazines are extremely rare.
It uses High Caliber Ranger ammunition, which is rare.
It is durable, having a 30% chance to degrade with each shot. It is the slowest assault rifle
It does not support barrel attachments, and its internal suppressor isn't as effective as an attachable one.
Easy to repair, costing only 5 metal scrap.
It has the least range of any assault rifle.


Matamorez (damaged)
Matamorez (100%)


Version Changes The Matamorez has been added into the game. Added Extended Matamorez Magazine. Player damage decreased from 99 to 80.
Player headshot multiplier increased from 1.025 to 1.1.
  • Added damage against objects, set at 25.
  • Increased player damage from 80 to 99.
  • Description changed from "Russian sniper rifle chambered in Matamorez ammunition." to "Russian assault rifle chambered in Matamorez ammunition."


  • The Matamorez is based off of the VSS Vintorez, a Russian sniper rifle.
    • Despite being based off the VSS Vintorez sniper rifle, the description calls the Matamorez an assault rifle. This makes a connection to the sister-gun of the VS Vintorez, the AS Val.
MatamorezIsTotallyAVSS. TOTALLY

On the top the VSS; on the bottom the Matamorez.

  • Its magazine texture is the same as the Snayperskya's, only flipped 90 degrees and not curved.
  • Like with most Ranger-Grade Weapons, the sights are modeled incorrectly to its real life counterpart, the real VSS Vintorez without a scope has its sights up by the grip, not on the receiver like on its in-game counterpart.
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Weaponry (Unturned 3)

ID ListWeaponry

Type Weapon (Sniper Rifle)
Capacity 10 Rounds



The Matamorez is a very rare automatic sniper rifle found only in militia locations. It uses Xtrmin magazines, which hold 10 rounds. It has a 7x Zoom Scope pre-attached by default and includes a built-in suppressor/flash hider.


The Matamorez is found in 8 locations, which are mostly mixed with civilian locations. These locations are; the S.S Haven, the compound in Holman Island, Kensington Campground, the militia box in the barricaded house in Montague, the air traffic control tower in Belfast Airport, the town and the lighthouse in Summerside Peninsula, and at the Gun Store in Burywood.



  • Its damage-per-shot is very high, on par with that of the Crossbow and Compound Bow, and it is capable of killing a military zombie with a headshot.
  • It spawns with an uncommon 7x scope attached by default.
  • It has a high-quality, built-in suppressor / flash hider that is quieter than a Muffler and the standard Suppressor, making it a weapon of choice for stealthy operations.
  • It has a very long effective range, topped only by the Timberwolf and the assault rifles.
  • Only one box of civilian bullets is required to refill its magazine.
  • The Matamorez is the only automatic sniper rifle in the game, making it effective at picking off large groups of enemies at long range.
  • It is quite efficient with ammo, beating the Lapua Magazine and the NATO/Savage Magazine for military zombie kills per ammo box. (10 kills, vs. 8 and 7.5)
    • ​The NATO Drum, and Savage Drum have a higher ratio for kills per ammo box, however. (12.5 kills)


  • The Matamorez and its magazines are rare, only spawning in militia locations.
  • Like the Zubeknakov, its coloration makes it very easy to spot.
  • It is very heavy, being the third-heaviest firearm in the game, though it is still lighter than its counterpart, the Timberwolf.
  • It has high recoil.
  • The Timberwolf has a higher base damage of 115%, being the highest in game, being able to kill players with a headshot no matter what, unlike the Matamorez.


  • The Matamorez is based on the VSS Vintorez sniper rifle, a Russian suppressed sniper rifle manufactured in the late 1980s. It was primarily used for the Spetsnaz units for undercover operations. The VSS Vintorez, however, holds up to 20 rounds and can be fired in semi auto, unlike the Matamorez.
  • The Matamorez was named after Lars.
  • It is the only automatic sniper rifle in the game.
    • It is also the heaviest militia firearm in the game.
  • In the update of 2.0.9 the vertical grip clips through the gun barrel, along with the bipod and the bayonet.
  • In Classic, this was the first and only internally suppressed weapon.


Weapons Damage Grades IDs

The VSS is a Ranged Weapon in Antique. It is automatic sniper rifle.


The VSS can be found on the mid platform of the Radio Tower. It can also be found at Ana's Lighthouse, the crashed plane and control tower at Fairway Airport, Evacuation Zone, and the random crashed helicopter scattered around the map.

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