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Meat Shop


Burywood Meatshop.

Location: Burywood
Size: Small
Unique Features: Spawns animal-related items.

The Meat Shop is a building exclusive to Burywood. It is a small pink building next to the Gas Station.

The Meat Shop spawns loot relating to animals, such as Raw Venison or Animal Pelts. This place is a good place to visit if you have a campfire and need something to eat, or if you want to craft the animal clothing and gear with the animal pelts you might find there.


The Meat Shop includes two rooms.

  • The front room, which includes a cash register, and some loot on the counter.
  • The vault that acts like a food storage,which includes three refrigerators that may have loot in them.

Items found in the Meat Shop

Item Rarity
Raw Venison Common
Raw Bacon Common
Animal Pelt Uncommon


  • The Meat Shop first appeared in version 2.1.4, where Burywood was first added.
  • It is currently only found in Burywood.
  • It is unknown why a meat shop would use a vault as food storage.
  • Zombies that follow players into the Meat Shop will crawl up an imaginary surface and float. This makes combat complicated with melee weapons.