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Medical locations are a type of location in Unturned. They are generally part of a major location (civilian or military) and are highly concentrated in medical supplies.

Locations with medical locations

There are currently 6 locations with medical locations, which is either a building, tent or a vehicle present in these locations.

Charlottetown - A pharmacy can be found next to the 2 story house.

Holman Island - There's a rack in the room at the end of the bunker, which is concentrated with medical supplies.

Summerside Peninsula - The ambulance in the car crash has medical supplies spawning around it.

Belfast Airport - 2 medical tents are behind the red building.

Confederation Bridge - Like Belfast Airport, but only 1 tent is present.

Alberton - A pharmacy can be found next to the bank.


  • Medic pants/shirt rarely spawns in the pharmacy of Charlottetown, Alberton, and the racks of the Bunker.