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Location: Liberator
Given by: Gwen
Rewards: +25 Experience

+5 Reputation

Memoir is a quest in Unturned 3.


Gwen accidentally lost her wedding ring overboard. She'd really appreciate if you can bring it back to remember her husband by.


  1. Speak to Gwen in one of the tents on the Liberator.
  2. Dive under water and find wedding ring.
  3. Speak to Gwen again and complete quest.

The wedding ring's exact location isn't specified, but it is right off from the catwalk where Ensign Simon is. You can drop off from the catwalk and search for a yellow square-shaped ring, but don't swim too far if you haven't found it yet.

It is recommended to perform this quest during daylight as it is more difficult to see in the dark. Make sure to have at least upgraded Diving at a decent level in case you're searching for too long or else you'll get hurt from drowning.


I'm very happy to be aboard!

  • Need any help? (Show quest.)
  • Found your ring! (Turn in quest.)
  • Glad to hear it

I really hope you find it! (Quest accepted.)

Thank you so much! I thought I'd never see it again! (Quest completed.)

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